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Join the St. Joseph Society and bring the regenerative power of virtue to your life and parish through the example and intercession of St. Joseph.

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Men need brotherhood and a rule of life.  An isolated and undisciplined man cannot be the force for good for his family or community. He cannot be the man God is calling him to be.

The St. Joseph Society will guide you to live a noble life oriented toward God. Rooted in a strong community of likeminded men, a man of the St. Joseph Society devotes himself wholeheartedly to living a life of virtue and holiness as an offering to Christ our Lord. It is time for Catholic men to decide what to do with the time that God has given them. 

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St. Joseph Boot Camp

9 Month Crash Course for Catholic Men.

St. Joseph Boot Camp

Forming Men

Men have been missing in our parishes. To restore our parishes and communities we must restore men as leaders in their families, parish, and community.

The St. Joseph Boot Camp is a free nine-month program designed to help priests:

  • Exercise their spiritual fatherhood and build relationships with the men of their parish.
  • Emphasize Jesus’ toughness, where this comes from and how to imitate him.
  • Show men concrete ways to practice and hand the faith to their families.
  • Build up men as leaders of their parish.
  • Build Catholic friendship and fraternity among men.
  • Establish authentic Catholic community in the parish.

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